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Lauren Beukes Live Tweets with Cape Town Metro Police on behalf of The City of Cape Town

There’s rarely an opportunity to walk up to a police officer and ask them the questions you’d really like to ask. For whatever reasons, there is an increasing feeling of “us and them” between the community and the police officers who work within them.

Highly acclaimed South African author, Lauren Beukes (author of Moxyland and The Shining Girls) together with The City of Cape Town, live-tweeted 4 ride-alongs with 4 different Metro Police officers over 4 weeks. Lauren’s tweets told the officers’s side of the story, how Cape Town Metro Police fit into the bigger crime prevention picture, and who these police officers are as people.

The purpose of the campaign was to show that Cape Town Metro Police are real people. They grew up on the streets of Cape Town and they are the ones best suited to protecting them.

The police officers ranged in rank from constable to senior superintendent, across a variety of ages, genders and experience.

Constable Busisiwe Yedwa was one of the police officers to take Lauren on a ride-along through the streets of Hanover Park and surrounds. What started as a typical patrol shift soon turned into an incredible story about life as a female police officer, earning respect, dealing with gang shoot-outs and the prevention of substance abuse.

The campaign launched on the 1st of February and continued till early March. Find all 4 of the ride-along stories here.

Constable Caswell Julies was the final police officer to feature in the ride-alongs.

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Another good year at the Midas Awards

Society and the greater King James Group took home several gold and silver accolades at the recent Midas Awards for our campaign work on Santam and Sanlam. Here are the categories that scooped the heavy metal:

One Rand Family (Sanlam):

  • Gold – Financial Services
  • Gold – Integrated
  • Gold – Public Relations
  • Gold – Non-Broadcast Video

Genius (Sanlam):

  • Silver – Music: Original Content or Integration
  • Silver – Financial Services

One-of-a-Kind TV (Santam):

  • Silver – Editing

One-of-a-Kind Integrated Campaign (Santam):

  • Silver – Integrated

Santam App (Santam):

  • Silver – Apps
  • Silver – Mobile/Cellular/Hand-Held Device
Rimmel London SA on Snapchat

Rimmel London Snaps Up SA Fashion Week

Rimmel London SA teamed up with South Africa’s most successful YouTuber, Theodora Lee, and her bestie, Saxony, to bring SA Fashion Week to fashionistas across the country via Snapchat.

Snapchat is the next up-and-coming social media app. It is a video messaging application, that’s popular amongst teens and young adults, allowing users to instantly publish what they are doing, and viewers to watch content in real time. Its appeal lies in its candour. Snapchat revolves around real-time rather than curated content. The instant ‘rapid fire’ visuals keep viewers glued to their screens.

Brands and marketers have started to take notice of it, especially in the fashion industry, but no one has used it to its full advantage locally until now. Enter Rimmel London SA; the first brand in South Africa to live snap SA Fashion Week 2015.

All action took place on their Snapchat account: RimmelLondonSA, where followers could go on the glamorous adventure with the girls. Theo and Saxony also had exclusive access to the invitation-only Gert-Johan Coetzee show, and before the show, they revealed his highly anticipated Rimmel London inspired dress (before it hit the catwalk!)

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#MemberofSociety: Marike

Hello, Marike. What is it that you do?

I’m an Account Executive.

So, what does that actually mean?

Well, Society has different Client Service teams, each with Account Directors, Managers and Executives. An Account Executive is a bit of a Jack of all trades and reports to an Account Manager. I mainly function as an interface between Society and our clients. My day can be filled with anything from replying to a mountain of emails, writing monthly reports to liaising with strategists and writing briefs.

What kind of qualities should an Account Executive possess?

I would say interpersonal skills, patience and very good time-management. My work involves managing other people’s expectations. When a client phones to tell me they need something urgently, I manage the schedules of everyone involved in a campaign on our side with a smile. You need to reassure your client with enthusiasm that their desired outcomes will be reached.

How would you describe Society?

We are able to turn around work in a couple of hours, that might take others a week. When I started working here, I helped on a Burger King social media campaign. It was an awesome sight; seeing everything that goes into a short campaign and the processes that turn an idea into a final product, a bunch of creative and driven people and how they act under pressure. I remember thinking to myself “Wow, I want to work here, these people get sh*t DONE”.

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Glacier by Sanlam – #FutureFWD

“If you could get a glimpse of retirement, would you change your plan?”

Retirement and long-term savings are a bit of a grudge topic, which can make it hard for financial institutions to debunk the misconceptions. Asking someone to save money for their future is like asking them to give money away to a stranger.

For our new Glacier by Sanlam campaign we paired 3 inspiring retirees with 3 young South Africans to show what retirement is really like: fun, interesting and challenging.

3 young South Africans. 3 inspiring retirees. 1 month to discover the highs and lows of real retirement. Meet the faces…

Posted by FUTUREFWD on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Our 3 young South Africans provide a ‘behinds the scenes’ look at retirement that we repurpose on the FutureFWD social pages.

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Thoban, Jappie, mobile, media, mob, glacier, sanlam, finance, retirement

“I first met Sarah on Saturday morning at 15 On Orange Hotel for the Vintage with Love sale. We instantly got stuck into…

Posted by FUTUREFWD on Monday, October 5, 2015


Follow each unique FutureFWD story on Facebook, Twitter and Glacier by Sanlam website or through the eyes of Candice, Bailey and Thoban.

Thoban Jappie, Music Producer and Mobile Media Mob Co-Founder
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Bailey Schneider, Radio Personality
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Candice Bresler, Content Developer
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Sanlam One Rand Family – Social Media Case Study


The challenge

Online banking, SnapScan, credit cards, etc., have disconnected us from our money. South African’s are some of the worst savers in the world, with household debt averaging 75% of their tax income.

Last year, we followed the trials and tribulations of the One Rand Man who lived out the month using only R1 coins. When National Savings month rolled around this year, Sanlam wanted to launch an even more ambitious financial education initiative to make people more conscious of their spending habits. Enter the One Rand Family.

The idea

What if an average South African family was to be given the entire household’s monthly income in R1 coins? No online banking or access to credit cards and overdrafts. Just like the One Rand Man, they were tasked with surviving the month on only these coins and we wanted to use our social channels to tell the day to day stories that would make our audience think twice about their own spending habits.

While this was an integrated campaign, this case study focuses on how we used social media to spread the message of awareness and relate to the different members of the family.

How did we do it?

“From payday to paying bills, from curbing emotional spending to forecasting as a family, [we shared] the sometimes hilarious, sometimes painful reality of budgeting with only R1 coins.”

We beamed the Sanlam Wealthsmiths philosophy directly into all South African homes on and YouTube, driving the message further through social media and weekly episodes. On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we raised questions about budgeting and family finance that sparked discussion and engagement. Some of these discussions even led to a few seeking financial advice from Sanlam’s experts.

The typical bridewealth payment in KwaZulu-Natal is 11 cows for ilobolo but the price of each cow can vary considerably….

Posted by Sanlam on Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Content was tailored for each platform; Facebook focused on expert’s insights, Instagram provided additional content showing the family’s perspective, and Twitter covered news around the One Rand Family.

The insight

Scare tactics to address the issue of saving aren’t effective. We wanted to engage the audience in a realistic and authentic way by sharing the family’s laughs and head-scratching moments. Our social audience was able to connect, and empathise with, the moments and challenges the different family members faced. With reality TV and documentaries being staples of any TV schedule, combining the two online helped address the topic of saving in an engaging and educational way. Adding to that, we found innovative ways beyond Rands and cents to display their spending habits on social media, e.g. ThinkLink.

The response we got from our social audience proved that the message and learnings we shared went beyond the four walls of the One Rand Families home. We left SA with a motivating example of smart money management, underpinned by Sanlam’s values.

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Sanlam, facebook, engagement, responses, one rand man, one rand family, savings, social media, campaign

Sanlam Risk – Life Moments

“There are moments in life when everything changes. When the path you’re on, presents a detour.” 

Sanlam’s range of personal and family insurance is known as Matrix Cover, and we wanted to convey its benefits without having to resort to cold “finance speak”.

Dry statistics, numbers and industry lingo can disconnect people from the topic of insurance and financial planning. By telling the compelling, authentic stories of those who are affected by the choices they made when faced with a detour in life, we aimed to turn those lessons into something our audience could relate to.

Ayanda’s story is the first in a series that recounts the moment when life changed in such a way that it had a significant financial and emotional impact. Each episode invokes an emotive and contemplative response, allowing our audience to reflect on their current circumstances.

Look out for the next story to go live soon.

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The campaign will run until December.

Warrick Sherrell #MembersOfSociety Copywriter King James


Warrick. You’re quite new here.

Yup. I started as a copywriter in Society in April but I have been in advertising for 5 years now.


How is copywriting different from other forms of writing?

Copywriting is part problem solving, part having no idea what you’re doing, and then doing that really well. I’d say the biggest difference between a copywriter and any other writer is that every job I get has the potential to become something more than just reading material. It could become a tangible object, a visual experience or maybe even a smell.

Is it difficult having to create things on demand?

Yes. Definitely. Mostly because I couldn’t give you a good definition of “creativity” if you held a gun to my head. Like I said, a lot of the time I approach a problem going, “I have no idea how to do this”, and then through a series of brainstorms and existential breakdowns, something clicks. I feel like it’s never the same process twice, but when that “click” occurs, it’s a great feeling, and makes all the uncertainty and self-doubt go away.


What advice do you have for all the writers out there who want your job?

People don’t read advertising, they read what interests them. Of course you need to keep in mind your target audience as a copywriter, but do not detach yourself entirely. It must interest you to at least some extent. If you try to embody your target market too much you might forget to make it interesting.


Cheers, Warrick.

Lee-Ann Lipman Lead Community Manager Society King James


Hi Lee-Ann. What do you do?

I am the Lead Community Manager at Society. I started here 18 months ago, when we only had two Community Managers. Now we have eight.

I have no idea what that is.

Community Managers are ultimately the voice of the brand. If someone wants to talk to Burger King anywhere on social media, we are the people answering them on the client’s behalf. We have to wear many different hats throughout the day as we speak on behalf of different clients. We are slowly developing multiple-personality disorders and ADHD and probably need daily Ritalin. We keep our laptops open and with us at all times.

What makes a good Community Manager?

A combination of sensitivity and a thick skin. You need to be sensitive to the needs of every person in your client’s community you interact with, absorb their anger on behalf of the client and NOT yell at them to go and read the FAQ list when we receive obvious questions. You also need to be adept at writing in many different tones and be able to switch between tones on a dime. We are the very last people to see content before it goes out, the last line of defence, so you need a sharp eye and be able to identify any mistakes that may have gone unnoticed. Once you understand your client, you eventually become able to adopt their personality and speak fluently on their behalf.

Thanks for the chat. I think you should get back to your laptop.

Me too.