Anna-mart Fourie

8 creative, and sometimes weird, sites to inspire social media content

From Anna (our Head of Content):

No judgement, but I spend hours on Pinterest. Everyday. Luckily, it’s part of my job to trawl the Internet looking for new, fresh things for our clients.

Here’s a list of 8 sites I’ve bookmarked:


I have 51 boards. And that’s excluding the 6 secret boards I contribute to. Before I start a new content plan, I tend to pinterest (yes, it’s a verb) to gather inspiration. It’s addictive.

The content’s always interesting, the UX is a breeze and it doesn’t harm that the site looks pretty good, too.

Fast Company

Another site I will visit daily to catch up on innovative ideas. The infographic of the day is probably the first thing I check out.

This Advertising Life

We work in a ridiculous industry. It feels good to laugh about it.

Swiss Miss

Little quotes, cool sites and funny findings of all sorts, Tina Roth Eisenberg curates the best design things from the web. There are loads of gems to discover.

Holy Kaw!

Memorable articles include “The kit to turn anything into a keg” and “Has anyone ever died in your house? Find out…” What’s not to like?


A clever mix of fashion, entertainment, news and work, Refinery29’s writing is witty and the design is slick.


When things get hectic, I turn to travel sites to faux-book holidays. I always end up feeling a) better and b) inspire to work harder so I can travel more. It’s a win-win.