Bookmark winners for Society and The King James Group

The King James Group had a great year at The Bookmarks, converting around 50% of our finalists into winners and taking home 9 awards in total. This makes us the second most awarded agency as a group (and Society also individually ranked 5th).

Big winners included the Sanlam’s One Rand Man  (2 Golds in Branded Content and Integrated) and Johnnie Walker Meet Your Match (3 Craft silvers and a Bronze for Microsites). Our Santam campaign “Through the eyes of a child” also picked up a Silver in Branded Content and MWEB’s Dinnercam picked up a Bronze for digital installations.

All of the awards involved a number of agencies in the group (including our sister agencies Atmosphere and Punk) which illustrates the power of having discipline specialists all working together under one roof.

Special thanks to our collaborators Narrative Truth (on the Santam award) and ThingKing (for MWEB).

For a full winners list look here.


New Life Surprises video for Sanlam

We’ve just launched the third video in our Life Surprises series for Sanlam. This features the owner of a well-known Cape Town restaurant.


Things we did in 2014

It’s no exaggeration to say that 2014 has been our most successful (and busiest) year since we started in 2011. Both from a business perspective and being recognised through awards (alongside our partners in the rest of the King James Group) we took a big jump forward. We’ve had some big client wins (Sanlam and City of Cape Town being the largest) and welcomed some great new talent to the team (12 new people since the start of the year).

I thought to illustrate just what a year it’s been i’d pick out some highlights. A big thanks to the team, partners and collaborators that made all this happen.

Mama Claus decides who is naughty and nice for Burger King

Our Christmas campaign for Burger King introduces Mama Claus – a feisty South African woman who decides who is Naughty or Nice by checking out Facebook profiles. Two new limited edition burgers are being promoted by the activity a Nice burger and a Naughty burger.

We’ve invited South Africans to nominate themselves to receive a free burger on Burger King’s Facebook page - a lucky few are selected each day by Mama. Check out her video responses here.

Interactive YouTube Home Explorer for Santam

We’ve just launched our first interactive YouTube video for Santam. Using data about key claims we’ve created a narrated tour around a South African home, pointing out issues such as where to place security beams, fire safety advice and avoiding water damage to your roof. We’ve used YouTube’s annotations tool to create clickable choices of areas to explore. According to YouTube this is one of the first local projects able to use interactive features in their true view ads. For the best experience you’ll need to watch on a desktop (or other device where annotations are visible).


New Life Surprises campaign for Sanlam

We’ve just launched a new campaign for Sanlam called Life Surprises – an attempt to get South Africans to save for the inevitable rainy days we’ll all face. To illustrate that unexpected life events happen we created two web films following the story of two remarkable ladies that have dealt with unexpected illness. In collaboration with our partners in Atmosphere we’ve also carried out local research on unexpected life events and their emotional and financial impact.

Social Media Grand Prix at the African Cristal Awards

We’re delighted to hear that the One Rand Man, a project we ran with our partners in the King James Group has picked up a number of awards at the African Cristal Awards in Morocco. As well as a Grand Prix for social media the campaign also won a Cristal (Gold basically) for Integrate Campaigns and Media.


Society wins at the Loeries

Society had a good weekend at the Loeries taking home a number of awards. The final tally included:

A Silver Loerie for Interactive tools for Johnnie Walker King of Flavour.

A Silver Loerie for Integrated Digital campaigns (alongside our partners in King James and Punk)  also for Johnnie Walker King of Flavour.

A Silver Loerie for PR for Santam Through A Child’s Eyes (alongside our partners in Atmosphere and King James Group).

A Bronze Loerie for Online Film for Santam Through A Child’s Eyes.

A big thanks also to our collaborators ThingKing (on the interactive tool for Johnnie Walker) and Narrative Truth (who shot the film for Santam).

The One Rand Man for Sanlam

In July we ran the One Rand Man project for Sanlam. It’s the first major social media campaign using the new Wealthsmiths positioning and was designed to get people to try and re-connect with their money. The core idea was simple: get someone to spend their entire salary in one rand coins and document how this changes their relationship with money.

To bring the idea to life we worked with the wider King James team to spread the story into episodes over one month (national savings month conveniently enough). Each week we would release a new video on Youtube but during the week we would give live updates from the perspective of the One Rand Man on Twitter and Instagram. The best of these posts would then be shared further on Sanlam’s core social media channels.

The responses was amazing both online and in traditional media with many major shows on TV and radio covering the campaign. What we really liked about this campaign was working in a live documentary style and figuring out how to tell different aspects of the story across different social channels.

For a full summary of the campaign visit:

and this is what had to say about it. 




Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 6.17.54 AM

New work for the City of Cape Town

Earlier in the year we started work on the City of Cape Town and we’re very pleased to have now launched a revamped social media presence for the city. While there are obvious changes in the channels, content and design some of the key changes will be less obvious (unless you have a problem that you need the city to solve).

We’ve done a considerable amount of work on community management and escalation procedures to allow the team to pick-up problems and solve them more quickly. The starting point for all of the work was: how can we make the social channels for the city more useful for more people and communicate more clearly?

City of Cape Town (Facebook)

@cityofct (Twitter)

@cityofctalerts (Twitter)

@cityofctmayor (Twitter)