#MembersOfSociety: Diana

Hello, Di. What is an “Influencer Marketing manager”?

If there’s a social media campaign and you want to get it to the right people to inspire an audience to get involved with the campaign, I would be the one to find the right person, or “influencer” for the campaign. I think there aren’t many agencies in South Africa with an influencer specialist.

So you know a lot of famous people?

Haha! No, not really, but I have worked with a few. I love to gossip and have channelled it into a career. I am the type of person who cannot go to Woolies for milk without browsing every newspaper and magazine headline.

What does one need to know to be able to do your job?

There is a big difference between “reach” and “real influence”. It’s not very effective to pay someone with a million followers to tweet about your brand if it only gets ten retweets. Social media is great for gaining awareness, but if, for example, your campaign wants people to download your app, people tend to be more receptive to such a call to action when it comes from someone they trust and with opinions they respect. I find that person for every campaign, someone who can speak to the audience effectively and, ideally, is also a member of the target audience.

Can you tell me something you have learned in the last 7 days?

One of the many pet peeves of influencers is being told how they feel. I recently called someone and said to him “We have this campaign, I think you will really like it” and the angry response was “don’t tell me how I feel!” You have to make sure the influencer’s goals as well as the brand’s goals are met and ensure an ongoing relationship well after the campaign ends.