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Good morning, Matt. What do you do here?

I started out as a copywriter and am currently a Digital Strategist.

A digital what now?

I help inform exactly how we are going to communicate with our audience, what channels we are going to use, how we are going to use them, how we will target adverts, what kind of content we will present. Before the creatives create content, I am one of the minds that help guide what that content should be like and where it should go. For example, certain target audiences use Facebook, other target audiences use Instagram, some use Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn…  My job is to understand the social media and digital landscape and decide how to use social media to communicate effectively with a target audience. It’s all about translating the client’s desires into actionable insights and tasks.

What’s your tip of the day?

Timing. Even the most compelling creative will be ineffective if delivered at the wrong place and the wrong time. Serve highly engaging content during lunch hours. If the content requires 20 minutes of engagement, don’t post it at 9am when people are trying to get their workday started. Also, a Digital Strategist needs to be able to see the forest for the trees. When problems are complicated, I need to be able to reduce them to  simple questions and then answer those questions.

Thanks, Matt.