Warrick Sherrell #MembersOfSociety Copywriter King James


Warrick. You’re quite new here.

Yup. I started as a copywriter in Society in April but I have been in advertising for 5 years now.


How is copywriting different from other forms of writing?

Copywriting is part problem solving, part having no idea what you’re doing, and then doing that really well. I’d say the biggest difference between a copywriter and any other writer is that every job I get has the potential to become something more than just reading material. It could become a tangible object, a visual experience or maybe even a smell.

Is it difficult having to create things on demand?

Yes. Definitely. Mostly because I couldn’t give you a good definition of “creativity” if you held a gun to my head. Like I said, a lot of the time I approach a problem going, “I have no idea how to do this”, and then through a series of brainstorms and existential breakdowns, something clicks. I feel like it’s never the same process twice, but when that “click” occurs, it’s a great feeling, and makes all the uncertainty and self-doubt go away.


What advice do you have for all the writers out there who want your job?

People don’t read advertising, they read what interests them. Of course you need to keep in mind your target audience as a copywriter, but do not detach yourself entirely. It must interest you to at least some extent. If you try to embody your target market too much you might forget to make it interesting.


Cheers, Warrick.