New Balance Fresh Foam Zante #RooftopRun

The Challenge

New Balance sought to launch the Fresh Foam Zante in a different and disruptive way. Society was tasked with building a solid social community, getting Fresh Foam Zante noticed, and driving traffic into key retail partners on the release of the product on 18December 2014.

How did we do it?

Society started the conversation using #RooftopRun and #FreshFoamZante – two hashtags deployed in an authentic way. These became the golden thread throughout the entire campaign. In order to turn running on its head, we created a unique experience. We invited influencers to an exclusive run on top of the tallest building in Africa, the Carlton Centre. We later opened it up to the public, sending invitations to various consumers who shared an interest. Punk created a mobile website, accessible through Android NFC touch technology. Our goal was to give consumers more information on the Fresh Foam Zante at the point of decision, in store.

The insight

Everyone appreciates VIP treatment; a personal relationship with the brand can go a long way. We were also aware of the appeal of an exclusive, unique experience.

Society focused on the metro runner because they appreciate something beyond the VIP treatment. While you’re snug in your bed or heading for the gym, the metro runner likes to seize the moment to run in the open air. Their inspiration to run harder and faster is the beautiful Jozi sunrise.

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The King James Group ensemble

King James – Executive creative direction
Punk – Virtual Sales Tool
Society – Concept creation and social media management
Hammer – Managing the event