Society wins at the Loeries

Society had a good weekend at the Loeries taking home a number of awards. The final tally included:

A Silver Loerie for Interactive tools for Johnnie Walker King of Flavour.

A Silver Loerie for Integrated Digital campaigns (alongside our partners in King James and Punk)  also for Johnnie Walker King of Flavour.

A Silver Loerie for PR for Santam Through A Child’s Eyes (alongside our partners in Atmosphere and King James Group).

A Bronze Loerie for Online Film for Santam Through A Child’s Eyes.

A big thanks also to our collaborators ThingKing (on the interactive tool for Johnnie Walker) and Narrative Truth (who shot the film for Santam).

The One Rand Man for Sanlam

In July we ran the One Rand Man project for Sanlam. It’s the first major social media campaign using the new Wealthsmiths positioning and was designed to get people to try and re-connect with their money. The core idea was simple: get someone to spend their entire salary in one rand coins and document how this changes their relationship with money.

To bring the idea to life we worked with the wider King James team to spread the story into episodes over one month (national savings month conveniently enough). Each week we would release a new video on Youtube but during the week we would give live updates from the perspective of the One Rand Man on Twitter and Instagram. The best of these posts would then be shared further on Sanlam’s core social media channels.

The responses was amazing both online and in traditional media with many major shows on TV and radio covering the campaign. What we really liked about this campaign was working in a live documentary style and figuring out how to tell different aspects of the story across different social channels.

For a full summary of the campaign visit: onerandman.sanlam.co.za

and this is what Marklives.com had to say about it. 




Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 6.17.54 AM

New work for the City of Cape Town

Earlier in the year we started work on the City of Cape Town and we’re very pleased to have now launched a revamped social media presence for the city. While there are obvious changes in the channels, content and design some of the key changes will be less obvious (unless you have a problem that you need the city to solve).

We’ve done a considerable amount of work on community management and escalation procedures to allow the team to pick-up problems and solve them more quickly. The starting point for all of the work was: how can we make the social channels for the city more useful for more people and communicate more clearly?

City of Cape Town (Facebook)

@cityofct (Twitter)

@cityofctalerts (Twitter)

@cityofctmayor (Twitter)

The MWEB #dinnercam goes global (and annoys the hell out of some US foodie bloggers)

The MWEB #dinnercam is a (firmly tongue-in-cheek) project designed to start a debate about on how WiFi and the web are changing everyday life in public spaces. It is the world’s first portable photo studio for restaurant meals. Since launching the #dinnercam has picked up some great global coverage including Time.comSpringwise,  Fox NewsTrend HunterDesign Taxi,  PSFK , New York Daily News The Daily Dot as well as etv evening news and Cape Talk.

We partnered MWEB with El Burro to introduce the public to #dinnercam. Unfortunately (or fortunately for some angry US foodie bloggers) we have no plans to make this commercially available despite a few requests.

The campaign was designed to draw attention to MWEB’s Uncapped WiFi offering and was created in collaboration with Thingking and Atmosphere




The MWEB #TweetSeat

Our latest project for MWEB is a “smart couch” that allows football fans to send pre-programmed tweets without taking their eyes off the game.

The user simply needs to log in to the couch with their Twitter details, pick a cushion with the right sentiment for their emotion, and throw it in the air. A tweet is then sent automatically. If your team happens to win, you just need to activate what we’re calling “Cruise Control” by jumping up and down on the couch.

The #MWEBTweetSeat is part of an ongoing project to explore how the web and WiFi access is transforming our experience of public spaces and social connections.

ThingKing did the production and Atmosphere partnered with us on the PR.

Sanlam social media

Sanlam re-brand on social media

We’ve been working with Sanlam, one of South Africa’s leading financial services companies, behind-the-scenes for a few months on a revised social media strategy. With the launch of the brand re-fresh last week we have also launched a new look and fresh approach for social media across the group.

A new Facebook page will be purely consumer focussed – with the aim of helping South Africans understand personal finance and make the most of their wealth. All major consumer focused campaigns will now run from this page.

The LinkedIn presence has been revamped and will now have regular content for those involved or commenting on Sanlam and the financial services industry. Twitter, which we have already been running for a few months, will continue to focus on primarily a media and industry audience.

There will also be a regular programme of content on Sanlam’s YouTube channel (you can also watch the first TV ad with the new positioning there).

There are also a number of campaigns with a strong social media focus launching in the near future (watch this space).




New work for Santam: Through a child’s eyes

We’ve just launched the latest installment of Santam’s ongoing Be Safe Out There campaign. The objective is to persuade the public to reduce risky behavior by changing their perspectives on everyday risks. In this case we want adults (and in particular parents) to look at some of their unconscious habits from a child’s perspective.

The campaign includes a survey of 7-12 year olds on awareness of risk; a microsite and a short film for YouTube which proves just how much influence we have over our children. The activity is supported with extensive social media content and ads and a PR campaign. A number of King James Group companies were involved in putting this together including Atmosphere and Punk.

You can also check out our ongoing work for Santam on Facebook and Twitter.

Interactive Sensorium for Johnnie Walker South Africa

As part of the Meet Your Match campaign for Johnnie Walker we created an interactive flavour profiler for media and blogger briefings. The briefing is led by a whisky expert that guides them through a series of tastes, aromas and sounds to help pick the perfect Johnnie Walker blend. Choices are tracked via sensors in the Profiler and the final choice is displayed with the press of a button at the end of the experience.

It’s picking up some great press and social media coverage:


Food Blog Cape Town



Entrepreneur advice videos for Santam

As part of our work for Santam’s small business channels we’ve produced six short videos of advice for South African entrepreneurs. Each video focuses on one key question to one of the experts that attended the recent Small Business Growth Conference in Cape Town. We also produced a series of promoted posts and tweets to share the content (alongside a small Youtube campaign).

You can see the full playlist here.

Also follow Santam for business on Facebook, Twitter and on the Santam blog.





New substance abuse campaign for the City of Cape Town

We’ve recently started working with the City of Cape Town and our first campaign aims to tackle substance abuse and raise awareness of what the city is doing to try and combat it. In the first phase of the campaign we persuaded several well known Capetonians to tweet “I have a drug problem” + their experience of drug abuse in the city and how it has affected them. The message is we all are indirectly affected by drug abuse even if we don’t use drugs ourselves.

In phase 2 of the campaign we have been profiling some of the amazing people involved in dealing with the issues and allowing them to share their stories. We’re using Facebook promoted posts and Mxit to share the campaign.

Here is one of the stories. 

This is part of a wider campaign developed by our partners in King James (if you’re in the city you can’t miss it).