A day in the life of an MWEB Fon customer

This is the first content we’ve produced for MWEB’s social media channels. To support the launch of their new Fon-enabled routers  and Uncapped WiFi (the video will explain) we asked two local entrepreneurs to try out the service. We worked with Narrative Truth on the video. We’re using Youtube ads and Facebook promoted posts to distribute this (as well as CRM and MWEB social channels)


Whopperyourselfie – launch campaign for Burger King in Jo’burg

Last year we launched Burger King in Cape Town (which turned into one of the biggest local brand stories of the year on social media) to start this year we’re launching Jo’burg. To get the word out 2000 coded ads have been placed around Jo’burg, both physically and digitally (via banner ads, Facebook posts, Pinterest, Instagram and some friendly bloggers). The first person to take a Selfie with an ad wins a free Whopper on launch day. The response has been immense, in fact it’s been so busy we’ve had to bring in 3 additional community managers just to deal with the amount of conversation around the launch and campaign.

The launch is another great example of how almost all of the King James Group companies have come together to create a seamlessly integrated campaign.

the office

We’re hiring: we have an opening for a Brand Journalist / copywriter

Due to a recent growth spurt we have an opening for a brand journalist / copywriter. What’s with the fancy pants “brand journalist” job title you might ask? Well most of our work is closer to editorial than it is advertising: we challenge, dig, and coax out interesting stories from our clients. We help insurance brands talk about how to help people keep their family safer; we help hire car companies behave more like travel publications and persuade tech companies to stop talking so much about technology and start talking about human beings instead. You might end up working on social media posts, blog articles, Pinterest boards, videos, infographics or something a lot more peculiar.

We’re a fast growing, creative and fun team within the King James Group. If all that sounds appealing then get in touch with a portfolio and CV. You can contact dan (at) theworkofsociety.com.

But here is the official spec:

Round table

Social media content trends for 2014

Expect more de-cluttering of newsfeeds

As social media matures in South Africa, expect users to become much pickier about who they follow. Experienced users have twigged that if they Like or Follow a brand they will have to put up with content from it in their newsfeeds. Expect regular culling of brands that aren’t adding value or wandering off topic with their content (or posting lame memes!). Brands will also need to be much clearer about what followers will get out of joining a community.

Bad content will be penalised

Facebook and other social networks are increasingly worried about newsfeeds being filled with “low value content” (those lame memes again for example). Algorithm changes have been made within Facebook specifically to prioritise quality content such as articles from “credible” media outlets. Brands putting out lazy content should expect to have their reach throttled back as nervous social networks clean out their content feeds.

Less ads more content

The less ads feel like ads, and more like useful content, the more successful they will be. With Promoted Posts on Facebook and Twitter substantially outperforming (in our experience) digital display advertising in terms of engagement, the move from hard sell to high value content continues to be one of the biggest trends transforming digital marketing.

The return of the blog

Blogs were all the rage in South Africa a few years back and then brands got excited about Facebook and Twitter and blogs were pushed onto the back burner. But they are coming back into vogue as their value as content hubs is being recognised; and with more budget going into content production (such as videos, infographics etc), having a place that can keep this content working after its disappeared from newsfeeds makes a lot of sense. The rise of tablets, which make longer-form content much more user-friendly to consume, should also drive this trend.

Content eco-system strategies needed

Most brands now operate multiple social media channels as well as producing content for websites, newsletters and other channels. Having unconnected strategies and separate content production streams is inefficient and will feel fragmented for followers.

Brands are having to think about how the eco-system of different channels works together, both from a planning and production perspective, and how to make content work as hard as possible. I believe a mind-set shift is required from bringing consumers to a single destination (e.g a website), to enabling them to receive a message via any one of a number of channels.

So in other words it doesn’t matter if a brand video was watched on YouTube, Facebook, a website, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, what matters is the video was viewed and the message absorbed.

Immersive content

There has been some really interesting experimentation with adding multimedia to articles from publications such as the New York Times. Check out their amazing Snow Fall article: http://www.nytimes.com/projects/2012/snow-fall/#/?part=tunnel-creek

Also a number of services launched last year that are taking content beyond just copy and images on social platforms. Thinglink allows you to add links within images (kind of hyperlinks for images); this is currently compatible with Twitter, Tumblr and a number of other platforms (but not Facebook yet).

Also with Vine, Instagram Video, increased use of animated gifs and soon Facebook video ads (and don’t forget about YouTube), there will be a lot more video content on social platforms.

Don’t forget about mobile

We finished off (or started) almost every conversation with this last year but we’ll keep repeating it in 2014 I’m sure: a large proportion of social media traffic in South Africa is mobile – if the content you’re embedding or linking to isn’t mobile friendly, it’s not likely to be effective.


Fancy a new job as an Account Manager instead of going back to that dreary old agency?

We’re on the look out for a new Account Manager to join our team. Society is one of the fastest growing social media agencies in South Africa (and part of the King James Group which we assume needs no introduction).

This is not a position where you just smile at clients and shuffle job bags around – we’re looking for an entrepreneurial, strategically-minded person that can have a real impact on the clients they work for.

If you’d like to apply send a covering letter and CV to kelly(at)theworkofsociety.com telling us about your social media experience and why you’re perfect for the role.

Here is the official stuff:


How do I build a great social media team and who should I hire?

A question I’ve asked myself personally – the Society team started as two people in 2011, it’s now twelve, so we ask this in one way or another pretty regularly. This is also a question clients wanting to build their own teams have regularly asked us.

 This is what I’ve learned, quite often the hard way. If you want a social media team that can do things professionally and at scale, this is who I recommend you hire.

 Note: for smaller teams some of these jobs may be done by the same person or by someone who also has another role in the organization. That’s fine as long as they have the skills and time to deliver good work.


Santam for business conversations

We’ve recently launched a new campaign for Santam’s SME focussed social media channels. We brought together three entrepreneurs, a psychologist and radio presenter Aden Thomas for a series of discussions about the challenges faced by business owners in South Africa.

The result is a series of audio downloads, quotes and illustrations which share their experiences and more importantly the learnings they can pass on to other business owners. Have a listen.

You can also visit:

Santam for business on Facebook

@santamforbiz on Twitter

Santam blog


hey joburg

New look for Steri Stumpie’s social media channels

We’ve recently launched a new look for Steri Stumpie’s social media channels. Our design challenge was that we get a ton of great fan generated content but the page starts to look a bit disparate if we use too much of it. To overcome this we’ve created a set of virtual stickers that can be used over the fan content. We think its working quite nicely so far (and engagement is looking good).

Check it out on the Steri Stumpie’s Facebook page.

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Why a designer should be interested in the Arduino

Roule, our Content Designer, put together this post about the Arduino course she and few others on the team are doing at the moment.

Arduino is a board which functions as a small inexpensive computer that could be connected to pieces of hardware, such as LED lights and sensors. With some programming you can switch the lights on and off, make things move or create sounds. And that’s only the beginning.