New channels for Santam

We’ve recently expanded our work for Santam to target SME audiences. The activity includes a new Facebook page and Twitter feed with content sharing insights and advice about managing business risks. A substantial amount of content will come from guest editors (one a month) who will share their own experiences and tips as successful entrepreneurs. We’ll also be hosting round tables from which we’ll share audio conversations about the issues that matter for SME owners.

Interview for Digital Loeries blog

Dan Pinch

Dan recently did an interview for the Digital Loeries blog. Here is what he said.


Dan Pinch: There were two instrumental people that I hold responsible: one was my next-door neighbour in the mid-nineties who set-up and ran the website for Ninja Tune records; I thought this looked like a really cool job (although not sure he was even paid for it). I remember telling a school careers advisor around that time that I wanted to write the content on websites and very clearly remembering being told it wasn’t a proper job (this was 1995 I think) so being a contrary type of person I made this my mission. The second person was a lecturer at university who ran two great (but oddball) courses the first was on Coffee Shops in the 17th and 18th century (sounds weird but basically the culture has some incredible similarities with web culture) and the second one was Cyber Literature, which included some basic html coding and studying early virtual communities like The Well. I think both of these experiences really set me up to end up in social media (and I still feel like I use some of the insights from those two courses). Career wise one of my first jobs was in an early online PR agency and I pretty much have always worked in online content in one way or another since then.

Case study of our launch for Burger King SA

Earlier this year we handled the social media launch of Burger King in South Africa. Check out our latest case study video to see what went down.


New Steri Stumpie work: The Awesome-ologist search

We’ve just launched a new campaign for Steri Stumpie to hunt for a fan to go and conduct a “rigourous scientific study” of the awesomeness of 3 of South Africa’s top music festivals. Through nominations on a Facebook app we will pick a winner to be sent to the festivals and report back to the Steri Stumpie community on their exploits.

Day by Day campaign for Santam

Social media for an insurance brand isn’t easy – they are not something consumers are naturally drawn to follow. However our strategy for Santam has been to mine the data within the company for useful insights to share. By being genuinely useful we are creating some great engagement and positive comments.

One of the interesting discoveries was that certain days of the week are statistically more risky than others (and apparently Wednesday has the least risk). During the 6 week campaign we have been releasing content which explains the risks associated with each day and using external experts to share advice on how to minimise and deal with them. We have used both Facebook and Twitter ads to support the content.

For all of the video content visit Santam’s Youtube channel.

You’ll also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.


We launch Burger King in South Africa

Earlier in the year we ran the social media campaign to launch Burger King in South Africa. A challenge considering the many competitors already well established in the country. But perhaps our biggest challenge was that during launch week we were competing with both Justin Bieber and Bon Jovi for coverage in the two days leading up to doors opening. So we set out to position Burger King as the biggest of the 3 international celebs in town that week through a series of stunts, regular posts and media encounters.

The results were incredible with millions of posts dominating South African social media channels over launch week. The community management team worked pretty much 24/7 answering around 20 000 queries on Facebook and Twitter in a month.



Santam Fright Night

We we’re involved in the social media elements of this campaign for Santam last Halloween.