Sanlam Risk – Life Moments

“There are moments in life when everything changes. When the path you’re on, presents a detour.” 

Sanlam’s range of personal and family insurance is known as Matrix Cover, and we wanted to convey its benefits without having to resort to cold “finance speak”.

Dry statistics, numbers and industry lingo can disconnect people from the topic of insurance and financial planning. By telling the compelling, authentic stories of those who are affected by the choices they made when faced with a detour in life, we aimed to turn those lessons into something our audience could relate to.

Ayanda’s story is the first in a series that recounts the moment when life changed in such a way that it had a significant financial and emotional impact. Each episode invokes an emotive and contemplative response, allowing our audience to reflect on their current circumstances.

Look out for the next story to go live soon.

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The campaign will run until December.