SXSW 2015 some reflections

Well I’ve been back a week or so now and the jet lag has worn off and I’m slowly again getting used to a diet that is not taco based. With some time for reflection (and a catch-up with some of the talks I missed on SXSW’s Soundcloud channel) I’ve picked some trends I found most relevant to share.

This is happening right now

The big app of SXSW was undoubtedly Meerkat (a livestreaming video tool). It’s a dubious honour of being THE app of SXSW as it’s no guarantee of success in the real world (let’s be clear that SXSW is not the real world). Many panellists I saw were either using it or referring to it. [update: several journalists are already pronouncing the death of Meerkat which is a quick demise even by SXSW standards]

The underlying trend here is that social is increasingly about a connection to a live unfolding event. People are drawn to collective experiences and social media “events” (from the coloured dress debate to terror attacks)  are replacing the collective TV experience. Now instead of discussing what’s happening in Friends we gather around breaking stories on the web as they happen. Live streaming seems like the next logical step on from the live blogs and tweets around developing stories.

The mainstream test is probably whether Kim Kardashian decides to use this stuff to live stream a night out or not.