Things we did in 2014

It’s no exaggeration to say that 2014 has been our most successful (and busiest) year since we started in 2011. Both from a business perspective and being recognised through awards (alongside our partners in the rest of the King James Group) we took a big jump forward. We’ve had some big client wins (Sanlam and City of Cape Town being the largest) and welcomed some great new talent to the team (12 new people since the start of the year).

I thought to illustrate just what a year it’s been i’d pick out some highlights. A big thanks to the team, partners and collaborators that made all this happen.


Our first collaboration with Narrative Truth set the tone for a number of videos for social channels we produced this year. The client liked it so much they decided to also give it a run on DSTV (it was originally just for YouTube). A day in the life of an MWEB Fon customer.

We won Sanlam alongside our partners in Atmosphere (a few months later the full business came to the rest of the King James Group).


It’s wrong to have favourites but the MWEB Dinnercam is still one of the projects I enjoyed the most this year. Mostly because it really annoyed some US blogs who thought our lighting booth for your restaurant meal was pretty much the start of the apocalypse. Certainly picked up the most international coverage of anything we did with PSFK,, Huffington Post, Fox News, Springwise and Design Taxi covering it. The Dinnercam was built for us by ThingKing. The MWEB Dinnercam 

Another collaboration with ThingKing this time for Johnnie Walker. Based on the insight that it’s very difficult to reach jaded drinks writers and “social influencers” so to get their attention you need to do something pretty different (and then take it to them). The Flavour Profiler is an interactive guide to the flavours, aromas and moods of different Johnnie Walker blends. This went on to win a Silver Loerie for Interactive Tools. The Johnnie Walker Flavour Profiler

Sjoe April was busy… The third big campaign of the month was Eyes Of A Child for Santam. An attempt to encourage safe behaviour by getting parents to see their everyday risks through the eyes of their kids. This also won a number of awards including a Silver Loerie and a Silver Midas Award for PR. Through The Eyes Of A Child


We won City of Cape Town (now one of our largest clients). We developed a social media strategy and now run their channels.


Just in time for the World Cup we created a Tweeting Couch for MWEB (so you can keep your eyes on the game and send tweets at the same time). MWEB TweetSeat

Our biggest campaign for the year One Ran Man was a collaboration with various parts of the King James Group and involved us telling the story of a man spending his whole salary in one rand coins. So far it’s picked up a Grand Prix for Social Media and a number of other Gold awards at the African Cristals, A Gold for Social Media among 5 other Golds at the Midas Awards and was Digital Ad of the Month back in South Africa. One Rand Man


We launch Punk & Society Johannesburg headed up by Siya Maqhutyana.


We launched the Life Surprises campaign for Sanlam – another collaboration with Atmosphere. This sought to use human stories to illustrate the need to plan for unexpected life events that have a financial impact. Life Surprises

Our first interactive video for YouTube The Santam Home Explorer takes viewers on a journey around the key risks homeowners should be aware of.



For our first campaign for new client New Balance we created a Limited Edition Run on the top of the Carlton Centre in Johannesburg. Invites and promotion took place entirely through social media.

Our last campaign for the year was a reinvention of Father Christmas for the South Africa. Mama Claus decided if consumers were Naughty or Nice by checking out their social media profiles and posting videos of her judgements.

We were also joined by our new Strategy Director Evan Milton.